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We are on a mission to help companies dominate within their market through winning growth strategies.

Redefining growth

You want to accelerate growth within your company but don’t know where to start. After understanding your aspirations and assessing your capabilities we will develop and execute a growth strategy.

Our approach is hands-on, and we work with your team in the trenches taking responsibility and driving accountability within the business towards desired outcomes. We are not about theory, we are about delivering results.

Meet RJ

RJ Singh has been leading organisational growth for over 15 years.

In 2021, he decided to exit the role of Executive Director within a company that he spent significant time building to start partnering with founders and executive teams that wanted to accelerate growth.

RJ also has been coaching individuals for over 10 years — establishing The UltraGrowth Way; a personalised habits-based transformation program focused on strengthening individuals through optimising their core habits.

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Follow RJ’s challenges

Watch the gruelling journey as RJ attempts to break the world record for most burpees done in 24 hours for a cause that affects millions across the globe.

Access a resilient community

Learn the strategies that shape the world’s smartest individuals. This is your chance to level up on growth and take it to the next level.

Achieve exceptional growth

Unleash your potential with our industry-leading strategies and execution capability where you will accelerate growth and deliver on your objectives.

You’ve decided to grow.