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Leading in unchartered waters – Sandy Stosz | EP59 recap

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This week on Ultrahabits, join us for an enlightening conversation with former Vice Admiral Sandy Stosz, US Coast Guard (ret). Drawing on her extensive 40-year career, Sandy discusses her book, “Breaking Ice and Breaking Glass,” offering character-centered leadership principles. Learn from her experiences commanding icebreakers, leading male-dominant teams, and taking on high-profile roles in the Coast Guard. Discover practical habits to enhance your leadership skills in this insightful episode.

Navigating Uncharted Waters

Explore the leadership journey of Vice Admiral Sandy Stosz, featuring lessons from breaking ice in polar regions to breaking glass ceilings in military leadership.

Insights from “Breaking Ice and Breaking Glass”

Discover tools and principles for success, particularly for middle-level leaders, derived from Admiral Stosz’s engaging stories and experiences.

Episode Highlights

  • (21:42) – Empowering women to take extreme ownership of their paths
  • (30:45) – Advice for women leading male-dominant teams
  • (50:29) – Practical habits for immediate leadership enhancement

Enjoy folks!


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